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Asaba Zoo Opens

NAZAP welcomes the opening of Delta State’s brand new zoo. Asaba Zoo aims to increase access to conservation education and is only a 10-minute drive

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The Tree Pangolin

The tree pangolin is one of eight extant species of pangolins, and is native to equatorial Africa. Also known as the white-bellied pangolin or three-cusped

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The African Forest Elephant

The African Forest Elephant is one of two Elephant subspecies on the African continent. They are considered as one of the largest known land mammals

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World Migratory Bird Day

Bird migration is one of the most fascinating biological instincts in the animal kingdom. Many birds travel hundreds of thousands of miles at the change

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World Animal Day

Climate change, deforestation, poaching and illegal wildlife trade are threatening the existence of many of the worlds beautiful creatures. Let’s work together to create awareness,

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World Habitat Day

We are proud to join the global movement of protecting the environmental beauty & taking our part to save the wildlife, the natural habitats, and

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