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Successful Projects


Conservation Clubs formed across schools in the country.

Your Donations Help Us In Achieving Our Projects Goals

Promoting Conservation Education

Conservation Clubs are being formed across various levels of education in Nigeria. Currently, 232 Conservation Clubs have been inaugurated.

Gradual Termination of Obsolete Zoo Operations

This is to be achieved by transforming all accredited Zoos to Zoos without bars, where animals are kept in a semi-intensive free-range natural environment with proper enrichment to place all captive animals in conditions that are most suitable for their survival and replenishment.

Accreditation of all Zoos and Wildlife Facilities

NAZAP serve as a regulatory body for the setting up of zoos and related facilities in Nigeria in conformity with acceptable standards and accreditation of all Zoos and Wildlife facilities in accordance with accepted best practices.

Enhancing and Improving Captive Breeding among Relevant Facilities

NAZAP is set to achieve this by sourcing for the fund to aid improved feeding of endangered wildlife species in relevant facilities while embarking on efficient animal exchange and leasing programme for proper pairing and regrouping to improve genetic pools among captive breed species e.t.c.